Incorporation of Textures and Smooth Surfaces

Rustic Elegance

With the presence of awkward-elongated spaces comes a sense of enormous creativity. What to do with a space that seems to be problematic and exhausting? Easy. Use your own sense of creativity to embody your style.

Here’s what I see when I look at this design:

“In this featured design, the use of space became a design challenge that was effectively executed using texture, form and line. To draw your eye through the space, the wall color was separated into three divisions allowing for the flow of traffic to be guided through the walkway. Keeping color in mind, coordination of rustic and linen pantones keep the space feeling fresh and exciting without being ‘too much’. Collaging personal photos in a unique composition adds to the distinguishing look the homeowner wanted to achieve. The texture of the area rug brings the eclectic vibe and gives a feeling of warmth.” 

I could really go on and on about this space… So many design elements are effectively incorporated. But to keep it short, this particular room definitely has a ‘wow’ factor.